2021 gaming round-up

2021 saw us finally get back to regular meetings, starting in August after a long period of members finding ways to play remotely (Berserk Games, the makers of Tabletop Simulator, shifted a lot of units these last two years). We played 126 different titles, which is still way down from the 300+ we managed just before Covid-19 hit but better than last year.

The usual suspects, Cockroach Poker Royal and Don’t Mess with Cthulhu top the most played list but Skull King and new favourite Dune: Imperium were also big hits. The Great Wall and Dinosaur World went over well with those who played them but are not the easiest games to learn so there were relatively small groups who played them a few times while the rules were fresh in people’s minds. Special mention goes to A game about WEE WHIMSICAL CREATURES and trying to identify them after someone makes noises for longest and silliest game title of the year.
We hope things will be more normal next year but of course we have to wait and see what the impact of winter is on the public health situation so stay tuned...

You can read the full 15 year history of the group and our trends in gaming at this link (Google Drive pdf). See you in 2022!