Game night, 24th August 2021

 We were back in action this week and we played

 Follow the links to find out more about these games, or join the conversation on Facebook!  We do expect to be back to weekly sessions from now on but we will keep you up to date here, on Twitter or at Facebook if anything changes.

Gaming tomorrow night, 24th August 2021

 We've been in touch with the pub and confirmed they are open as planned tomorrow night so we should be back to our old schedule of weekly Tuesday meetings from now on.

Hope to see you there!

Reminder: no meeting tonight

Remember we are not meeting tonight as our venue continues to get back up to speed.

We fully expect to be back to normal from next Tuesday, the 24th.

Game night(!), 10th August 2021

 Tonight was our first "normal" Tuesday meeting since March 2020 and we played:

I barely remember how to do these updates but you can click on the links to find out more about these games!

 Remember we are not meeting next week as the pub continue to work through their reopening issues but we should be back on Tuesday the 24th!  The best way of keeping on top of what's happening is to check our Facebook group where any news is posted first.

We're meeting again this coming Tuesday, 10th August 2021

 The Victoria are able to open on a Tuesday for us at last on the 10th so we intend to go ahead with a game night and see how many show up (discussion ongoing on the Facebook group at this link).

The Vic will not be open on the 17th but after that are hoping to be back to normal.

See you there!