We're probably not meeting tomorrow, Tuesday 1st February

 There are local water works going on near the pub meaning they are closing at 9:30pm tomorrow. Many of our members have indicated that they are going to give it a miss due to the shortened session.

The room remains booked in our name in any case, so you are still free to attend for some gaming but please make sure you have coordinated with other people so you're not sitting there alone!

There's a discussion on our Facebook page but no confirmed attendees at this time.

Normal service should resume next Tuesday, 8th February.

Game night, 25th January 2022

 This week we played the ten games pictured below:

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You can follow this link to find out more about these games (BoardGameGeek), or join the conversation on our Facebook group.

Next week the pub has to close at 9:30pm so we are currently trying to get a show of hands for whether anybody wants to go. It may be that next week's meeting doesn't happen as a result. Keep an eye on our social media for updates.

Game night, 18th January 2022

 This week we had a small turnout but still managed to play these four games:

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Follow this link to find out more about these games (BoardGameGeek) or join the conversation on Facebook!

Game night, 11th January 2022

 This week we played all the games pictured below:

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Follow this link to find out more about these games on BoardGameGeek or join the conversation on Facebook! We're now back to our regular meetings every Tuesday so we hope to see you there.

Radlands and Godzilla: Tokyo Clash this week, photos by Al.

All-day gaming, 8th January 2022

 Yesterday was our first all-day session of the year and we played all the games pictured below:

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You can find out more about these by clicking on this link (BoardGameGeek) or join in the conversation on Facebook!

Godzilla: Tokyo Clash in play yesterday

We're back for our regular Tuesday night session next week (for real this time) and the next all-day session is pencilled in for 9th April 2022. The pub has planned refurbishment for sometime in February/March so this date and others are subject to change. We'll keep you updated as and when.

All-day gaming tomorrow!

 This is your reminder that tomorrow (Saturday 8th January 2022) is our first all-day session of the year.

We have the usual venue booked from 12 midday until midnight.

 There will certainly be people there at the early end but given the lack of turnout on Tuesday, we're not sure how busy it'll be throughout the day, so please check in with us on our Facebook page to see who's going to be there and when so you can make sure to get in a game.

4th January: possible cancellation

 Due to illness or other commitments it looks like most or all of our regulars may not be at the group tonight so if it was going to be your first time attending, it might be better to skip it this week.

The pub won't be using the room for anything else at such short notice so you can still go if you like but bring some games and people to play with because the usual suspects are absent.

This Saturday's all-day meeting is still on and we should be back as normal next Tuesday night.

2022 and our plans

We're back at The Victoria tomorrow night, 4th January for our first regular Tuesday session of the year and we have our first Saturday session booked in for this Saturday, 8th January.

The pub is expected to undergo some refurbishment this year which was planned for February/March when we last heard. This may impact on our Tuesday sessions in some way (we were told a couple of years ago when the refurb was originally planned that one or two Tuesdays might be unavailable) and the pub is not taking other bookings for those two months just in case.

We had intended to try a year of monthly all-day sessions on Saturdays to see what the numbers were like but due to these refurb plans there is no Saturday session booked for either February or March. Otherwise, the Saturdays are planned for the second Saturday of each month so the provisional schedule would be:

  • Saturday 8th January
  • Saturday 9th April
  • Saturday 14th May
  • Saturday 11th June
  • Saturday 9th July
  • Saturday 13th August
  • Saturday 10th September
  • Saturday 8th October
  • Saturday 12th November
  • Saturday 10th December

That is in addition to the usual Tuesday night meeting every week of course. We will update here and on our Facebook page (which is the best place to keep up with happenings) as we know more.