Lincoln Board Games Group is supporting Dementia UK


Calling all members! We hope you will join us in supporting the Dementia UK Raise Your Game fundraiser this year. We think it's a chance to support a good cause and also to get some nice content flowing on our group page at this unusual time.

We are proposing a grand Carcassonne festival over the course of October. Make a donation of whatever you can afford on our Just Giving page.

Play as many games of Carcassonne as you like using any version - even digital and solo if you like. Post a picture of your game/game session on our Facebook page along with your scores.
There'll be a trophy for the winner with the highest posted score over the course of the month. Good luck!

Donations are open now, games commence 1st October.

All-day gaming, 12th September 2020

 Yesterday a small number of our members gathered at appropriate social distances and used a lot of hand sanitiser to play:

 Follow the links to find out more about these games!

 It is still unclear when regular meetings may resume; although we have use of the room at the Victoria this is the first time more than 2 people have shown up. To keep up to date on our plans, your best bet is to follow the ongoing discussions on Facebook.