Lincoln Board Games Group is supporting Dementia UK


Calling all members! We hope you will join us in supporting the Dementia UK Raise Your Game fundraiser this year. We think it's a chance to support a good cause and also to get some nice content flowing on our group page at this unusual time.

We are proposing a grand Carcassonne festival over the course of October. Make a donation of whatever you can afford on our Just Giving page.

Play as many games of Carcassonne as you like using any version - even digital and solo if you like. Post a picture of your game/game session on our Facebook page along with your scores.
There'll be a trophy for the winner with the highest posted score over the course of the month. Good luck!

Donations are open now, games commence 1st October.

All-day gaming, 12th September 2020

 Yesterday a small number of our members gathered at appropriate social distances and used a lot of hand sanitiser to play:

 Follow the links to find out more about these games!

 It is still unclear when regular meetings may resume; although we have use of the room at the Victoria this is the first time more than 2 people have shown up. To keep up to date on our plans, your best bet is to follow the ongoing discussions on Facebook.

Meetings suspended

Statement from Gary on meetings being suspended again for the time being due to no turnout:
Following the no-show on Tuesday and the likelihood of social distancing measures getting tighter rather than easier for the time being I think it's best to postpone our game group re-start for a few weeks.
The room will still be available should anyone want to use it - just arrive on a Tuesday and tell the bar staff you are attending the game group.
As always, your best bet to keep up to date on our plans is to join the Facebook group where discussions and announcements happen first.

Game night (sort of) - 28th July 2020

Gary went to the Victoria last night to see if anyone else showed and while he waited he played Tussie Mussie with the Flower Shoppe solo expansion.

As very few members want to attend at the moment, we are trying to determine whether it is worth keeping our commitment to the the pub to reserve the room every Tuesday. If you are considering attending the group, please join our Facebook page and take part in the conversation so that we hear from as many voices as possible.

Game group meetings to resume 28th July 2020

Our venue, The Victoria, is re-opening their meeting room and our group will officially be meeting again from Tuesday, 28th July at the usual 7:30pm start time.

In order for this to happen, the pub has laid down the following rules:
  1. Our usual numbers of attendees (generally 12-16) is okay for the room.
  2. Everyone must sign in with contact details for Track & Trace purposes; our intention is to have our own sign-in sheet in the room to make sure we get everyone
  3. Members must respect the one way system in place: to reach the bar you must go down the passage and back in through the front door
  4. You are allowed to go straight into the link to access the toilets and straight out again to the meeting room but must not move from the link directly into the main pub
  5. Members must not cross on the stairs going up and down to the room
  6. The window and door must be open at all times for ventilation
  7. On arrival everyone must use the sanitising gel that is in the meeting room
There is no obligation for anyone to attend if you are not comfortable doing so. Some of our members have already said they will continue staying away for the time being, and we won't necessarily be sure how many will be there on any given week.

We therefore highly recommend staying in touch via our Facebook group where ongoing discussion of attendance and any other developments will happen first.

Coronavirus: all meetings suspended

With pubs being closed, our venue is now unavailable and our meetings are suspended for the foreseeable future.

This applies to all Tuesday meetings and the all-day Saturday sessions (the next of which was due in May).

Members can stay connected via our Facebook page.

We hope to see you on the other side!

Regarding Coronavirus

Until the official Government measures extend to stopping public meetings as small as 15 people the game group will go on as usual.

Of course individuals need to make their own decision on whether to come along based on their personal circumstances.

According to official guidance you should not come to social groups like ours if you have symptoms of a cold or flu-like illness.

UPDATE 17th March 2020: Due to updated government advice, multiple regulars will not be attending the group for the time being. As far as we are aware the room and pub remain available.

Please check ongoing discussion on our Facebook group to see if enough people are attending to make it worthwhile.

All-day gaming, 14th March 2020

Yesterday was our latest all-day session and, although it was sparsely attended, we still played:
Follow the links to find out more about these games, or join the conversation on Facebook! Our next all-day session is scheduled for Saturday May 9th 2020 unless we're all self-isolating by then; in the mean time we continue to meet every Tuesday night for our regular sessions.